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New Patients

Please feel free to print out and complete the New Patient Information Form as this will streamline the intake process.

If You Have Been in an Automobile Accident…

Within the first 48-72 hours after the accident, your body is experiencing an acute inflammatory phase in which you’ll likely feel worse before you feel better. Often, a chiropractic treatment within this 48-72 hour window will provide temporary relief. However, to ensure that you gain the optimal benefits from your treatments, we recommend waiting out that initial 48-72 hours before coming into our office for treatment. In the meantime, you can perform these at home care practices to help alleviate the pain:

  • Apply ice to the areas that are painful. Only do this for 15 to 20 minutes per hour.
  • Apply Arnica Gel to the painful areas. Arnica will help with not only the soreness, but any bruising that may exist.
  • Drink copious amounts of water. We recommend 8   8-oz glasses of water per day at minimum.

Treatment for an Automobile related injury:

It is important to come in for a treatment as soon as possible once that 48-72 hour window has passed to ensure that you obtain the treatment you need before scar tissue begins to form, which could prolong your symptoms.

All patients that have been in an automobile accident need to complete paperwork to document the accident. Please take the time to print and fill out the following forms before coming in for your treatment as this will streamline the intake process.

New Patients that have never been to our office before need to fill out:

Established Patients who have recently been in a car accident need to fill out:

We are unable to file a Third Party Auto Insurance Claim, as these liability claims are set up to pay the injured party, not the doctor.  The liable insurance company will issue a one-time settlement check to the injured party for medical care and pain and suffering after all treatment has been rendered and the patient has been release from treatment.  In the State of Texas, this process can take up to 3 years.  For this reason, many insurers issue a separate rider on their clients auto insurance policy called PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Insurance which covers your medical care and time lost wages, and is designed to protect your pocketbook in the event of an accident, especially when you are not at fault.  In the State of Texas, your insurance company cannot raise your insurance rates due to filing a claim on your PIP policy.  Our office will file a claim for all PIP policies except Allstate.  Please ask the office manager for more information about opening a PIP claim.